Tanglewood Properties

Posted by on Oct 29, 2013 in Grand Rapids Rentals |

Distinctive Homes, Quality Resorations, Attractive Rentals At Tanglewood Properties, we Love Old Homes Homes built today can’t compare with homes built prior to 1960. Features that were common then – extravagant woodwork, beautiful hardwood floors, grand staircases, 10′ ceilings, etc – simply aren’t found in homes built today. Whether you’re looking for a home to rent or to purchase, or you’d like to improve your current home, if you’re looking for someone who appreciates and knows older homes, Tanglewood Properties can help: Historic homes remodeled and updated available FOR RENT Carefully renovated homes offered FOR SALE Help BUYING A HOME, with a Realtor with experience in finding and improving older homes. All aspects of INVESTOR ASSISTANCE: buying, improving, cash-flow, renting, etc. Need a REMODELING CONTRACTOR to help you with your project? Find out more about our services on the ABOUT US page, or click on RENTALS or HOMES FOR SALE to see what’s...

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